Cattle project in Nicaragua

Around 25 Danish investors work with more than 80 small scale farmers in Nicaragua.

The project aims at helping small scale farmers in the central Nicaraguan region of La Chontales to be better farm manager and improve their living conditions. many small scale farmers in this zone have more land than they can afford to populate with cattle. Due to good rains there is pleanty of natural feed. The project provides calves of good breed and training in cattle and farm management. The cattle come as an interest free loan. When it is sold to the local slaughterhouse the profit is shared equally between the farmer and the investors.


The investment is managed by a group of Danish investors in the company CattleNic A/S and a local joint venture, MOBASA S.A., with Nicaraguan investors. MOBASA has a Nicaraguan managing director and a staff og 5-7 persons. Today (Nov 2017) we have approx. 3,500 heads of cattle with 80 local farmers, primarily in the regions La Chontales and RAAS.


GPS has assisted the partners from the out-set with business development, business plans and project management. GPS is an active investor in the project.


In November 2015 GPS participated in a visit to Mobasa in order to meet staff, farmers and hold the annual assembly in Mobasa S.A.



Read more on the project web-site here (only in Danish). 

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