Wild, organic cacao

The Danish company Bojesen A/S created the luxury chocolate brand Oialla. The raw material is collected by families in the Bolivian Amazon region.

In 2009 the Danish company Bojesen A/S visited Bolivia and found a business partner, Sumar S.A. GPS has assisted the patners in building up the business and strengten the partnership. In Bolivia Sumar has contracted more than 200 families in the remote town of Baures in the Amazon region of East Bolivia. As a greenfield investment Sumar has constructed a new warehouse and processing plant in Baures, in order to secure value added production at the place. In Denmark Bojesen has created the luxury brand Oialla (visit the website). The project covers the entire value chain from bean to bar.


Since the beginning in 2007 GPS has assisted the partners with business plan, project management etc.

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