Production in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia has a good tradition for the development of the technical disciplines. Nikola Tesla came from Serbia and helped to invent, among other things, the radio and AC as well as many other successes within the use of electricity. Within IT, Serbia has good technical universities which annually provide a lot of skilled IT engineers. We benefit from this at Tehnicom Solutions, where some of them work.

Since 2011, we have had a close partnership with Tehnicom Solutions and jointly developed products and services to customers in Scandinavia and around Europe. All our production takes place today at our office in Belgrade, which sits 30+ developers, designers, front and back leaders leaders and testers.

For clients in Scandinavia we offer project management from our office in Copenhagen. Our production is entirely at our office in Belgrade, Serbia. Tehnicom Solutions in Belgrade is a dynamic software development house able to offer highly qualified resources covering a wide range of competencies. At the office we are 30+ staff, including designers, developers, testers, architects and project managers.


For more information on our production in Belgrade please visit this web-site.