Sustainable growth for development

The private sector plays an important role in long term development of economies and societies in both developing and emerging countries. We focus on sustainable growth and creatoin of decent jobs and workplaces.

The core of what we do is to focus on activities and projects that stimulate the positive role of the private sector. We have done this through a number of methods:

  • Promotion of corporate social responsability
  • Strengthening of value chain or clusters
  • Training and education programmes
  • Export promotion
  • Investments and partnerships
  • improvement of the framework conditions for companies and start-ups
We work with all stakeholders, which can be large or small companies, farmers, distributors, institutions, branch organisations, NGOs, government institutions or research bodies and persons.
The key word for us is to ensure long term effect from the activities and projects we are involved in. in the menu to the left you can find some cases and our references.


NicaraguaAug2010_044.pngCattle project in NicaraguaThe project includes more than 50 small scale farmers in the Chontales regionoialla_cocoabeans167z167.pngWild, organic cacao from Bolivia.A Danish-Bolivian business partnership for the promotion of organic cacao. More than 200 families contribute to the project.